A short and peculiar video. Most porbably very outdated. However with a unique touch. How ? It's an essploration video, a real one. Not an exploration one.

Some roleplay, humour, a gnome that dies. Some willingness not to say too much (let's see the comments of the author on Warcraft Movies : "Sorry to be a bore, but I'm not going to give any more hints onto how i did it. I'm a magician : you can be amazed and move on, or you can be amazed and set out to find out how by yourself").

And everything smells the blessed times of an enchanted warcraft world, where every discovery could be marvelous.

This film is very unique. Have you ever seen an essploration video with speaking characters ? I mean, with real voices ? An essploration film containing a little bit of theorical explanations, vague and fun ? And with a gnome that dies ?

And the talk at the end is so true.

In short, a fun and fresh little video.

Link on Warcraft Movies