Royal I.d.P. Essploring Fundation

The world has no limits, neither do our egos

Videos we didn't make

Here are some videos of essploration that have marked their time (such as "Nogg-Aholic the Movie"), or just that we appreciated.

In short, everything that follows has a large "RIdPEF Seal of approval". That is, eat it, and even abuse it, it's good for your health.

Total Freedom

A short and peculiar video. Most porbably very outdated. However with a unique touch. How ? It's an essploration video, a real one. Not an exploration one.


Machinima, essploration, two genres that cannot mix ? It seems that it is possible, and it even works well. Yume is an explorer known for his films "Nerf Slowfall" and "Nerf Slowfall 2". The second one already goes towards a more aesthetic experience.