Royal I.d.P. Essploring Fundation

The world has no limit, our ego either

Videos we didn't make

Here are some videos of essploration that have marked their time (such as "Nogg-Aholic the Movie"), or just that we appreciated.

In short, everything that follows has a large "RIdPEF Seal of approval". That is, eat it, and even abuse it, it's good for your health.

Total Freedom

A short and peculiar video. Most porbably very outdated. However with a unique touch. How ? It's an essploration video, a real one. Not an exploration one.


Machinima, essploration, two genres that cannot mix ? It seems that it is possible, and it even works well. Yume is an explorer known for his films "Nerf Slowfall" and "Nerf Slowfall 2". The second one already goes towards a more aesthetic experience.