Royal I.d.P. Essploring Fundation

The world has no limits, neither do our egos

RIdPEF videos

These are the big projects of the RIdPEF. We find all our communal videos, that is to say, approved by the community, stamped RIdPEF, and especially having requested an investment from a maximum of residents of the manor.

Coffee Induced Dreams

On April 25th 2010, the RIdPEF decides to start a big project : a video of about twenty minutes, in order to show the creative side of this community. A little like a machinima, a little like a technical demo, a little like Snoman or the MC-Addicts videos. In short, breaking WoW for a purely aesthetic purpose.

Over the Mists

Director : feangren

Once upon a time, there used to be a greaaaat manor who was in the middle of nowhere. Its inhabitants were... strange. They were very brave, always ready to go on an adventure. What they loved beyond anything else, was to travel, everywhere in Azeroth, and especially where no one has been before them. When new horizons were discovered, they were the first ones to be there to walk everywhere, to see if they could find fancy things.

Point of View

Director : Zhao

Point of View is an exploration movie filmed during the Wrath of the Lich King expansion. Its goal was to be a tribute to every single explorer.

Across the Horizon

Director : Zhao

Across the Horizon is the new essploration film by the RIdPEF. As for Point of View, it was created with the help of the whole community : many members have sent videos, and Zhao has accepted to produce the film with what has been gathered.