Active essplorers

In order to find fellow essplorers, you can check the most recently updated member pages, or contact members thanks to their BattleTag :)

Current staff

People who manage the RIdPEF at this very moment. In alphabetical order :

  • Eléïs
  • Gran D. Warlock Khamúl
  • Kyssah
  • Mjollnà
  • Trèsmollo
  • Xenorfall
  • Zhao

The RIdPEF in a video

Khamúl has also produced a video introducing the community and its members.

Historical members

They are honour members of the RIdPEF. They all have left a mark on the community at one time or another.

  • Neirda Jr. Itavodev
  • Dante
  • feangren
  • Saouline / Aléquia