Royal I.d.P. Essploring Fundation

The world has no limits, neither do our egos

RIdPEFians videos

Here are listed individually videos made by voluntary editors of the RIdPEF. We find for example "A Warlock's Journey", directed by Khamul, or "Into the Dream", made by feangren.

Wizard's Trip

Wizard's Trip is an exploration film made by Wizard Trokair from The Royal IdP Essploring Fundation. Everything shown here was filmed on US-Blizzard server Lightninghoof. The music comes from my personal vinyl record collection and I focused on the bass. Turn up your sub-woofers!

A Warlock's Journey

This film is a project which was started after achieving a short 10mn exploration video (which is by the way the first part of the film). The video was quite popular, so it was turned it into a real film, developing the plot of the first episode.

Lost in Kalidar

Welcome to this movie screening ! Here is brief presentation about the three main areas in Kalidar, and some other parts a bit more strange. You will discover the forsaken skill to adapt itself in a hostile environment and ancestral orc dances that aboriginals seems to have preserved !

Time Travel

Time Travel is an essploring movie on the theme of Caverns of Time. A project that was created in March 2012 within the Carina's community. Directed by Alizia@RIdPEF, with the help of his two disciples as actors Emérico@RIdPEF and Stéffanie/Eléonöre@RIdPEF, this amateur short film will discover you secret and unusual places in six Caverns of Time.

Wanderings of an Essplorer

This is the story of a draenei that got bored of fighting endless legions of demons, of undead. She was tired of the war. One day, she came to an ancient manor, where she found people sharing her passion : essploration. She became close friends to another draenei, a human and a troll. Together, they began to search for ancient mysteries, ancient land, and discover ancients secrets. This is their story.

Flight of the Wizard

After the discovery of Pandaria the Kirin Tor summoned the Wizard Trokair to Dalaran. There were more lands to catalog and they needed his keen eyes. The cloud serpents of the Pandaren were magical beasts, but they could not reach every height. The Magus Senate advised Trokair to meet members of the Silver Covenant at the peak of Neverest Pinnacle. There he received a mount capable of chasing any horizon. Where did his path lead next? This is his story.


The Royal IdP Essploring Fundation is the oldest exploration community still alive. Khamúl created this video to invite players to discover an "alternative" way of playing the game, mainly based on the pleasure of discovering. Go where most of the other player probably won't ever go. The film is also the occasion to introduce the RIdPEF community.