CVs evolutions have clearly been really slow for a few weeks. However, the other activites of the RIdPEF continue!

The "vanilla" Minecraft server has had its map reset last friday, with a brand new seed. This time, the landscape generation doesn't have the "amplified" option, for a change, and to make it more easily walkable. A few houses have started to pop, factories are planned, and a huge hub in the nether, which design was made by Kyssah. The new map has its dedicated thread, in order to allow everyone to share elements and intresting coordinates in an easy manner.
Below, the fundations of Caradine's home.

Caradine's house in minecraft

Hâthor has embarked on the Summer Great Expedition, in Elite:Dangerous, a long journey to reach far destinations as a group. He tells his adventures on the forum, in a topic filled with very beautiful images and trip stories.

Hâthor spaceship in Elite Dangerous

I also remind you that the 11th birthday contests of the RIdPEF are open! The deadline has been set to the end of the August IRL, so if you want to participate, don't wait too much!