Enjoying between two exhausting explorations a good rest at the top of a giant mushroom in the Zangarmarsh, a voice began to permeate the silence of the place. I only heard it faintly, and lay down, ignoring it.

Sid 1

The voice resounded again, so I got dressed and got up in front of my fire that was still burning. Then an entity seized me to speak for me : "The green figure is waiting for you in this desert of ice that the dragons invaded a long time ago, and his present, received by your father, was lost ... Find what your father lost in his journeys and earns the trust in your own abilities and your spirit Go, now ..."

Sid 2

Then the entity disappeared. I found all my senses, and everything was refocused in my thoughts ... He spoke about my father gone, maybe ... yes, there is no doubt, I have to find what seems to be the goblin he spoke, but who is "he"? "The Dragonblight ... there is a goblin I knew in my childhood, my father told me he lived in an ice desert, north, I should go." I then set out for the adventure that awaited me. The Dragonblight is not the next door. Being a mage, I was able to teleport to Dalaran as close as I could, and then called my trusty gryphon to the south.

"This ice desert is really huge, if the goblin lives in the north of the region, it should not be far ... Ah, it looks like it's there!" I arrived near a goblin camp, I landed there and then searched among the few green creatures if one of them looked like the goblin I knew as a child. So I spotted one after a while, and then when I was about to talk, he cut me off saying :
"Time is money! - Hello dear goblin, I'm looking for one of yours that Mister Drenan, my father, would have known. - I'm Krizzek, the goblin you're talking about, hello to you Sid. I was waiting for you. - I heard about a treasure that my father would have lost, this treasure was a gift you would have given him. - Indeed, I totally ignore the location of this object.

Sid 3

- But did not you expect me? - Yes, because I heard from a colleague that the hiding place of this treasure is the result of difficult puzzles. This confrere found only the first writing of this clue, but he could not relate it. All indications are that your father has hidden the object voluntarily. - Where is the first riddle? - Deep in the water, in a sunken temple. I wish you good luck Sid Drenan. - Thank you for everything, goodbye Krizzek. "

I set out on the way to the Swamp of Sorrows, the sunken temple would be that of this region I do not see any other. Perched on the mountains, I was looking for the famous temple :

Sid 4

I spotted a large expanse of water below, I descended with a soft fall, and when I wanted get to the water, I had to go through some troubles, among others a green dragon.

Sid 5

Then I manage to reach the lake, then I open my inventory in search of an elixir to walk on the water. So I drank one and then galloped towards the temple.

Sid 6

I arrived at the temple then see an entrance. I then went through the entrance and down long stairs to face the water.

Sid 7

So I dived and did not swim very long to find an exit, I took the time to breathe and looked at the room, there were again stairs that went down into the depths, then in a nearby corridor, strange slimy creatures were walking around blocking me and accessing the next stairs.

Sid 8

But I do not think I have the choice, I have to kill them. That's what I did reluctantly to continue my journey. Another staircase. It is then that at the top of the stairs I heard strange noise, I sit then to wait for the appearance of the creature ...

Sid 9

"A snake? But ..? A sunken temple ok, but for a goblin ... I do not think I'm in the right place." So I went up all these stairs until I got to the exit, I went to a magic stone and began to cast a telepathy spell.

Sid 10

"- O great stone of wisdom, guide me I am lost. -In search of a temple you are, sunken it is, at the bottom of the ocean it is, an island existed, this island disappeared .. but not the Goblin Temple buried in the depths ... Now go ..." Thanking for the stone, I began to search in my memory for an old legend about an island that had disappeared."Obviously! Let's go !"

I already knew where to go, I was on a beach in Stranglethorn, drank an elixir to walk on the water and went straight, the mount galloped long enough, I took the opportunity to open my inventory in search of my glasses of geolocation that told me where I am. My steed continued to gallop far and then suddenly, a new name appears on my glasses :

Sid 11

Gillijim Island! The famous island that disappeared, I had read the history of this island in an old book of the library of Stormwind, everyone knows the causes of the disappearance of this island. Returning in the present, I decided to leave my horse, then invoked a bubble of air around me, then plunged right down.

Sid 12

I swam for a long time, my air bubble holding good, I did not feel the effect of pressure. Then I saw a strange light at the bottom, I started to swim faster and finally, what they called the sunken goblins temple appeared:

Sid 13

It's quite strange as a place, machines running under water, I then swam towards a building and when I entered inside, my bubble dropped because there was air, I could even walk in. It was then that a strange machine appeared under my feet, it looks like a mount. It was coming up and I could sit on it, a real machine mount. There was an inscription on it that was scrolling, I could read this : "The first clue found, from memory the temple must be kept, crosses the rest of your journey, whether time is playing with you or not, see the tower abandoned, see the path to nothingness, see the stone shadow, from this secret place you have to go, go and find the second clue."

Sid 14

I began to think. Time would play against me? I do not understand. Though... "I am told to cross the suite before telling me that time will play against me, time would not be a priority therefore, it is a place, there are only the Caverns of Time to play with the hours and the years. On the way !"

I teleported to the glorious bastion of Theramore Island, then headed for the sandy sea of Tanaris. I was heading towards the imposing and mysterious mountains that hide the Caverns of Time. Once arrived in the caves I started looking for clues. Nothing seemed strange I searched around the base of Nozdormu's Hourglass. That's when I turned around :

Sid 15

And here I remember the writings : "... see the abandoned tower, see the path to nothingness, see the stone shadow ...". The abandoned tower on the left, the path to nothingness, a dark statue, that's it! I then move towards the path to nothingness and I saw an isolated dwelling, I enter this strange house. There are bottles with the Horde mark on them, and an unfinished meal in the middle, I suddenly noticed that in the right bottle was a letter.

Sid 16

I take the bottle and open it, I manage to seize the strange letter then reads it: "The second clue found, from memory the time must be kept, crosses the rest of your journey, that the mark takes you At the end of the sands, surpass the ruins and the heights, land in a paradise of tranquility, from this secret place you have to go, go, and find the ultimate clue. " As I came out of the house, I still read this letter as I walked towards the base of the hourglass, then raised my head, and then began to think.

Sid 17

"I do not see it at all. The mark, what can it be? At the end of the sands, it would be a place lost in a desert, the ruins ... Uldum perhaps ... or Ahn'Qiraj. Although ... Uldum is not really in ruins, it's just closed, it could only be the Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj, the heights would be the hills behind these ruins, the paradise of tranquility, that seems to me to be the destination. But this brand? I do not see. Well, I have to go back, direction Silithus". So I left the Caverns of Time and headed west.

Sid 18

These deserts are tiring. But we must continue!
"Father, I will find you again!"

I crossed the whole area of Tanaris and Un'Goro to arrive at ...
"Silithus, desert of dangers and underground traps. A desert where it is not hot, but with all these creatures, we are safe from nothing ...". So I took the direction of the south, dodging several creatures wanting to take me from below. Then I finally arrived in front of Ahn'Qiraj. It would be easy enough to pass behind these ruins, and the mountains behind. The climb was not easy, but the walls of these ruins held up, I managed to find a stable wall on which to walk and started running straight ahead. I finally arrive at the mountains which I had difficulty to pass, but which I nevertheless managed to pass. There was only the ocean right ahead, I decided to jump in front with a slow fall. Then drank a waterwalking elixir. I would have just turned my head to the left to see this:

Sid 19

"Beautiful, and calm ... oh! The paradise of tranquility! That's it ! Now only the mark was missing."

I was advancing in this kind of abandoned farm at the end of the world, the style reminded me of something. "These are Tauren dwellings? But what are they doing here? What is the relationship with the mark? The mark! But yes ! The mark on the bottle! The mark of the Horde, these tauren dwellings, the tauren being Horde. Unbelievable !" I then enter the main house to see inscriptions on a pole.

Sid 20

"Ultimate clue found, from memory the location must be kept, cross the end of your journey, remember your memories, they are one, and will find the relic that is intended for you." I began to think suddenly, I do not understand anymore. I looked around and saw another inscription on the right.

Sid 21

"Fate has recognized you, the windmaker is waiting, rejoin him, admire and discover." The wind maker ... there is a mill outside. I went out quickly and saw the mill on the hill. I started climbing up the hill and joined the mill in question.

Sid 22

There was a buried letter, I opened it and read it :

"My son, if you read this, you have proven your skills, as well as the purity of your mind. These riddles are deliberately disseminated by the adventurer I was. I do not know if I'll be alive when you read this, but if in addition to your mind, your heart is pure too, then we'll inevitably meet again. Go your last trial, and be worthy heir to the relic that has accompanied me so many years. Anyway my son, I am very proud of you.
Your father, Mister Drenan."

I was moved by this letter, but the signature made me smile, my father always liked the fact that nobody knows his name. I got up, and carefully guarding this letter on myself, I was about to finish the last test of Mister Drenan. However, when I remember the riddle, I find myself lost again.

"Remember your memories?" These famous riddles always speak of keeping something in mind, if I remember the first is the sunked goblin temple, the second is the time, and the third is the location. these sentences are a map, with a cross designating the location of the relic. " Everything started to become clear. I teleported to Stormwind and headed for the West March to the beach.

Sid 23

It must be there. I took my last waterwalking elixir and then I went on, and as soon as I was certain of the place, I plunged straight down.

Sid 24

While I paused with these bubbles, I saw a kind of form at the bottom, I took the last bubble then continued to swim down and finally I saw the location of the treasure.

Sid 25

In this old wreck hides my legacy, that of my valiant father. I swam to the wreckage and looked in the rooms and nooks ... when I found a shiny object under a staircase.

Sid 26

I picked it up and put it in a pocket, I started to go up to the surface and then came back to the beach, I observed the object, there was a kind of button to open it, there were the initials SSD of engrave. "Sir Sid Drenan". I opened the object and discovered that it was a strange compass that was constantly turning. Would it indicate what you want most in the world?

"I found it, my legacy. I knew it. The sunken temple, the time, the location. Hidden in a wreck under water, frozen by the weather, the tauren farm is in the south-west of the continent, just like this wreck, all concords. This compass is my inheritance, I will always keep it. Father ... thank you."