Producer : Trokair

After the discovery of Pandaria the Kirin Tor summoned the Wizard Trokair to Dalaran. There were more lands to catalog and they needed his keen eyes. The cloud serpents of the Pandaren were magical beasts, but they could not reach every height. The Magus Senate advised Trokair to meet members of the Silver Covenant at the peak of Neverest Pinnacle. There he received a mount capable of chasing any horizon. Where did his path lead next? This is his story.

The full movie is finally complete and ready for viewing. It is for your entertainment only, so sit back, relax, and enjoy the show! The exploration community of RIdPEF is one of the reasons I put this together. Thank you all for continued inspiration and motivation. This is a World of Warcraft exploration filmed on official Blizzard servers during patch 5.4.0 through 5.4.8. No hacks, third-party programs or machinima tools were used in the making of this movie. Thanks so much to the many people that helped me put this together. The music used in this film comes from my personal vinyl record collection. Tracklisting is in the video description.