The RIdPEF has come back to Savoie in the beginning of August, for a new stay filled with chatting, games, (rain), and coffee ^_^ The image above by Hâthor shows the beautiful landscapes of the Bauges mountains.

bauges landscapes

RIdPEF IRLs are also a gastronomic gathering, with lots of cheese and unique recipes, as you can see on this picture by Zhao of the lunch being cooked.

cooking lunch

Since the very successful roleplay session last year, Zhao had prepared three games this time. Sid has faithfully written the players' adventures in two summaries :

As planned, the 11 year of the RIdPEF contests are now finished. It's voting time! There are four contests labeled [Spécial 11 ans !] (every one of them except the "nouton" drawing one) where we are waiting for your votes.

Summertime was also used to clean the East wing a little bit... And a mysterious section of the forum has reappeared in it, after being missing for some time...

Finally, Hâthor has written a very complete message, so that ridpefians can attend the Elite forecoming community event DSN Luxury Tour (22/10 -> 17/12).