The poll results about the Minecraft server have clearly shown that everyone wanted to start a new map. Following the suggestion of Djbapt to consider a modded server, te admin team has tested a 1.7.10 server. The conclusion has been very positive, so we've finally chosen such a server. You'll find all information on how to connect on the corresponding thread. The current vanilla map remained unchanged for the time being, but a reset with seed change is still planned in the future. That's the right moment to take a llama picture, since the contest is still open for a little while.

The new modded map comprises many new original biomes, many ways to make more magic and machines, alternative worlds, bosses, cities, dungeons... Many ways to discover new ways of playing, or enjoy new possibilities. Below, some landscapes spotted during a walk.

minecraftian flower field


minecraftian magical forest

As for Wow, the Cartographer had added a chapter to his Northrend adventures, entitled The Being Beyond, thanks to a suggestion by Chapeau-Melon, our favorite IRC bot. Moreover, Greenbay shows us a nice landscape of the water depths of Azeroth, suggestinf that this pearl might be a Nespirah's egg, instead of a pearl or an Ysera eye.

Depths of the Azeroth oceans

Finally, the progress of the RIdPEF members in Dark Souls continues! While Zhao has just finished the first game, Éléïs continues her progress and Pownee has also started the adventure.