In order to flee from the winter's cold, the inhabitants of the manor gather... in space. Several ridpefians have lately traveled accross more than 20 000 light years in Elite:Dangerous, bringing more and more impressive landscapes. CMDR Meiod (Sid) has even filmed his discovery of a black hole, which he has come to see very close (video below the article).

The next event organised by Hâthor will be a group journey towards Betelgeuse, probably in January. Don't forget to write about when you're free on the doodle created for the event!

The screenshots of llamas in Minecraft contest is going well! The server is a little bit overwhelmed with the intensive map generation resulting fromthe research of llama groups, but this doesn't prevent ridpefians to climb high mountains to immortalise the discovery of these peaceful camelids (below an image from Trèsmollo).

Llamas in the savanna

Mission accomplished : after two years of continuous lobbying, Trèsmollo and Gamh have succeeded in convincing half of the irc channel to play Dark Souls. A few hundreds of "You Died" later, I (Mjollnà) have finished it and started the second episode. Éléïs, Kyssah, Hâthor and Caradine are just starting the journey, and Zhao has done the first haf of the first game.

For the RIdPEF, exploration is not limited to videogames. For a long time, members have posted pictures of their travels and experiences in photography. Lately, Adora has published une galerie, and Zhao has decided to make tests with black and white, which he has posted in bulk in the flooding thread over a few pages.

Finally, concerning exploration in Wow, Reyav has reached a sloped Emerald Nightmare, which visit probably requites good mountain shoes.

sloped emerald nightmare

Happy festive season to everyone! ^_^