The IRL is getting closer! :) Soon, the RIdPEF will go back to the savoie mountains for a week of chatting and pistacchios.

The contests for the RIdPEF's 11th anniversary close at the end of this IRL, so if you want to participate, it's now of never! Some contests only require a screenshot, so it doesn't obviously take much time to participate :)

Amoriah has arrived a few weeks ago on the forum, and he offers a challenge to the ridpefians : the ascension of Blackrock Mountain (not instanced, without flying mounts of course). You only have to grab your climbing shoes, and maybe your courage!

Welcome to all the new subscribers! Don't hesitate to start a thread bearing your name in the introduction section, as Amoriah, Mimi and Özuru ahev already done!

Below an image from Amoriah, whose PC decided to re-frame the screenshot by itself.

glitched Kz smiley

The veteran explorers are not left out. Greenbay ahs, for example, visited one of the brand new zones, and leads us to terrific hights.

a peak in wow

As for the Minecraft server (1.12), the Ender dragon has been defeated after a little chaotic battle full of good moments.

ender dragon

At last, Hâthor has finished to tell about his travels on the Summer Great Expedition in Elite:Dangerous. You can find the whole report on a dedicated thread full of splendid images and videos.