Once upon a time, there used to be a greaaaat manor who was in the middle of nowhere. Its inhabitants were... strange. They were very brave, always ready to go on an adventure. What they loved beyond anything else, was to travel, everywhere in Azeroth, and especially where no one has been before them. When new horizons were discovered, they were the first ones to be there to walk everywhere, to see if they could find fancy things.

Thus, they were already there when the Dark Portal opened to the Outlands, they were there when the boats were heading towards Northrend once more, they noticed more than anyone the damage caused by the Cataclysm, and now that the mists over Pandaria have lifted, they look everywhere for nice things. For the pleasure of their eyes. For the pleasure of their eyes, and your own.

Because, those joyful lads never come back empty-handed with their esspeditions. Some took their gnomovisual recorder to immortalize their travels. Here is, in 35 minutes, the trip beyond the limits of the members of this beautiful community that is the RIdPEF.

Here is for you, the latest production of the RIdPEF studios, directed and edited by me, feangren, filmed by our members : Over the Mists. This movie is made to flatter your senses, filmed and produced with love and passion.

It is now time for me to say goodbye to you, before going to a new adventure It seems that we will go into the past to brawl with some orcs. See you there !