Machinima, essploration, two genres that cannot mix ? It seems that it is possible, and it even works well. Yume is an explorer known for his films "Nerf Slowfall" and "Nerf Slowfall 2". The second one already goes towards a more aesthetic experience.

But Rush is a masterpiece : only a few minutes, a dynamic editing, a catchy music, beautiful landscapes, a touch of essploration well chosen. Some shots are astonishing. Who would have thought to show this way places supposed to be inaccessible ?

If you have 4 free minutes right now, click on play. You certainly won't regret it.

If you've liked the experience, go to his warcraft movies page, and enjoy Arithmomania in the same genre, or Yume the Movie, or even his debut with Nerf Slowfall

Link on Warcraft Movies